Jobified: Day 1

November 5, 2007

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It’s especially hard, after nearly a year of sitting around watching TV and playing WoW, to wrap my head and body around a full-time job. I’ve been trying very hard to encourage myself to adjust to a more job-friendly sleep schedule, but the past couple of weeks have been particularly hard to motivate myself to do much of anything at all. I have been extremely fortunate in my job hunt and by all measures have managed to find exactly the right job. I worry that some might think that I will see it as some sort of justification, to which I can firmly state ‘not at all’. I hope this is the start of a positive spiral to counter the negative spiral that has been consuming me and my time for so long.

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No, I will *not* comply!

November 2, 2007

This one kind of stands on its own. Food for thought for every one of us in America. (Thanks, Clint, for the link.) It really is time for me to find a good book on the Constitution. I don’t read enough anymore.


Heroes and Aliens and Predators, Oh My!

October 8, 2007

So Heroes started its second season already and I missed them. *gasp* Thankfully NBC’s site has the episodes online. I can’t say how much I’ve been looking forward to the new season. There have been very few shows recently that have really gotten me hooked like this.

I don’t typically ‘surf the web’ (which is to say doing aimless browsing) but I was investigating a new show on SciFi’s Friday night schedule ‘Odyssey 5‘ Hmm… Not much info there, but it does have Peter Weller, which has to count for something. (It happens to be a sci-fi show back from 2002 that didn’t fair so well… Then again, neither did Firefly, which is all kinds of awesome.) While there, I found an hour long video of the Heroes panel at the San Diego ComiCon. Lots of great stuff, if you’re into heroes, check it out.

Sci Fi Wire Exlusive: Heroes Panel

I can’t help myself… There’s a new, end all, be all release of Blade Runner, Blade Runner Final Cut, coming out this December. MTV.com has a really nice summary with some info regarding the new release. Wired has an interview with Ridley Scott, including the audio of the actual interview. Blade Runner has to be my most watched movie, no contest. I cannot wait. Woot. If only I could see it on the big screen, unfortunately they’re only doing that in NYC and LA. Bah.

Aliens. Predator. What could be better than a movie with both together!? Well unfortunately, we saw how terrible it can be with the first movie. (Average rating of 4/10? Ouch. I would have said 3/10 myself.) There seems to be hope with the sequel that is also due in December. (So bizarre, when did this trend of releasing scary/slasher flicks at Christmas begin?) The latest trailer, has been released to IGN.com and it looks amazing. Be warned, it is incredibly gory as any fan of these films would expect.


Fat Bottomed Girls

October 4, 2007

I figured I’d share a glimpse into the insanity that fills my head at times. As I was walking home from getting some groceries and splurging on a coffee, “Fat Bottomed Girls” leapt into my head. My sister and I grew up with lots of great 70s music, including Queen. I haven’t heard this in many years yet I still recalled the beginning lyrics with no effort. Fun times.

Brought to you by the magic of the internet, I give you “Fat Bottomed Girls”


My Whiskery Friends (or: Oh, hi there. Yeah, I’m alive.)

July 16, 2007

While in the process of cleaning up the latest cat hork in the bedroom, Cleo started up with her usual whining -er, meowing. (Do all calicoes sound so annoying?) I looked up to see she wasn’t meowing at me, which is how she gets her kicks. (Yay! Dad is looking at me!) ‘Wah?’ I think to myself… Then I remembered the mirror. She was meowing at the dad in the mirror on the other side of the room. Bizarre. I wonder if she thought that there were two of me…

Also something from one of the bus poetry signs yesterday:

Untitled (unfortunately, I didn’t remember the author):

my cat licks my forhead

and it fees like



Moving to Seattle

December 5, 2006

What? You didn’t know I was moving? Yeah, I was terribly disorganized about it all and haven’t gotten the word out to everyone. I’m working on a post with more of a story, but in the mean time, here is a link to the photos I took along the way. I’m here in Seattle, alive and well.

http://web.mac.com/bena/iWeb/Ben’s Pages/Move to Seattle.html


Tunak Tunak!!

April 19, 2006

A little music video for everyone’s amusement. It’s so wacky/crazy/stupid, but it cracks me up. -Besides I think it actually sounds like a good song. Enjoy!

Edit: In retrospect, I’m tickled to death that one of new races, the Draenei, has a dance based off of this guy. So funny.