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iPhonified at Last!

July 22, 2008

iPhone screenshot

I finally have rid myself of the bondage of my Treo 600, which was purchased oh so long ago together with Jen. I limped along for much longer than perhaps I should have, even uncharacteristically foregoing the original iPhone in favor of the eventual 2nd generation.

Even better is the free WordPress app, which makes posting to the blog terribly simple and ultra convenient. Look for more posts in the future. -Especially now that I’m getting out for fun things like the kayaking this past weekend. (What a blast!)

To the left is a quick screenshot of my current page 1 of apps. Couple of winners there, in my opinion. The real fun stuff is on page 2, however.

Hey Jen, check out my snazzy CSS wizadry! 😉


Learning Hurts

January 9, 2008

I love learning new things. I enjoy the feeling of accomplishment of figuring out how to do something and solving a problem. I wish it wasn’t so painful sometimes, though. I think I spent two hours this morning figuring this one out…

I’ve been writing a simple script to dump data, some of which is a code/index that represents one of several possible strings, which are also stored in the database. Following some work that has been done previously, I set up an hash (an associative array composed of key/value pairs) to hold the strings for inclusion in the data to be written to file. But it wasn’t working. “Gee, why wasn’t it working?” Well, I’ll tell you why. Because of ‘ ‘. “What?” The space. The empty space between those two quotes. The database was returning a two character string ( ‘ 1’, ‘ 2’, etc…) and the strings in the hash were inserted with keys ‘1’, ‘2’, and so on. Two hours to figure out that I needed to tweak the data from my query. Of course, I’ve since figured how I could have coded that into the query and avoided the extra work in the first place. Hmph.

Yeah, Christmas and stuff. I hope everyone had a good one. There’s a few people I still have yet to call and say ‘Hi, I’m alive!’ but I promise I’ll get to you. (Sorry Aunt Lill!) I had a good visit with mom in Tennessee where I was unexpectedly removed from my online life completely for three days. (No Starbucks or other internet cafes!) Mom even suffered through a grueling cave tour with me, which was very cool. It’s amazing to see the area since they removed the highway over the gap since the tunnel was opened, which allowed the entire area to be restored to it’s natural state. I remember ‘back in the day’ when we went to that same cave, which was right on the side of the highway, which ran along the side of the mountain –across from which was a sizable store with knickknacks and stuff. All gone and one wouldn’t guess without prior knowledge. Very awesome.

Travel early and on Christmas day wasn’t bad at all and I was happy to make it back and find Cleo and Cosmo watching the Twilight Zone marathon on Sci-Fi. It’s ironic to me that I survived my travels without picking up any bugs, only to catch a cold from friends here during new years. Thanks.


Jobified: Day 1

November 5, 2007

(click the image above to visit the site that hosts the full size image)

It’s especially hard, after nearly a year of sitting around watching TV and playing WoW, to wrap my head and body around a full-time job. I’ve been trying very hard to encourage myself to adjust to a more job-friendly sleep schedule, but the past couple of weeks have been particularly hard to motivate myself to do much of anything at all. I have been extremely fortunate in my job hunt and by all measures have managed to find exactly the right job. I worry that some might think that I will see it as some sort of justification, to which I can firmly state ‘not at all’. I hope this is the start of a positive spiral to counter the negative spiral that has been consuming me and my time for so long.

So, day one is done. Read the rest of this entry ?


Moving to Seattle

December 5, 2006

What? You didn’t know I was moving? Yeah, I was terribly disorganized about it all and haven’t gotten the word out to everyone. I’m working on a post with more of a story, but in the mean time, here is a link to the photos I took along the way. I’m here in Seattle, alive and well.’s Pages/Move to Seattle.html



April 19, 2006

I'm reminded of some saying about how landslides start with a single pebble. Anyone know which one I'm thinking of? More on that topic sometime in the future, I'm sure.

I really need to write more regularly. I actually did try to post on Monday, but I WordPress ate my unsaved post due to a timeout -when I went to save it, of course. Hah. Nothing like losing a bunch of work to take the wind out of one's sails. I understand what likely happened, but it still annoys me that the 'interface' allowed my work to be lost. Poor design.

Going on a date tonight. Score! We're going to the Green Mill. It's one of those super cool places with live jazz music and a great atmosphere. Can't wait! 😀

Something I had in the post that got eaten: Sandy has a blog as well. She's doing the lawyer thing. Craziness. I'll try to refrain from the lawyer jokes. Love you, Sandy! When are you coming to visit Chicago again, huh?

Ahhh what else… Oh yeah, most important of all. Spring! -And practically summer last week. I'm a bit more than a month into doing some strength/physical training with my therapist. Combine that with being able to ride into work again and I'm in pretty darn good spirits. Yay. Definitely feeling good these days.

Hasta la pasta.

(ps: Wow, the spell check in here is awesome! It blows my mind what 'web pages' are doing these days. Ajax technologies, I'm assuming. Very kick ass.)